How can 5G &
IOT solutions help?

In order to provide a superior offering and gain a competitive edge, telecommunication companies need to ensure they have the optimum coverage and QOS (quality of service) for their customers.

The best way to do this? Fast, easy to operate, industry-recognised tools and technologies.

Magna Systems is a focused product & solutions provider bringing latest technologies to the market that are intuitive and feature rich. We provide 5G/IOT monitoring solutions as well as network elements, planning tools, end user devices, as well as backhaul and transmission equipment.

Our partners


Accuver delivers comprehensive wireless testing and measurement solutions for LTE and IoT network operators, infrastructure vendors, and device and chipset manufacturers. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Innowireless, Accuver strives to help its customers—and theirs—be the first to reach new frontiers of performance, innovation, value and trust.

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ADVA is a company founded on innovation and driven to help our customers succeed. Our technology is the foundation of a shared digital future and empowers networks across the globe. We’re continually developing breakthrough hardware and software that leads the networking industry and creates new business opportunities. It’s these open connectivity solutions that enable our...

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Bluetest AB is a Gothenburg based company, with global presence, that develops state of the art test systems to verify performance of wireless devices. We are world leading in what we do and innovation is one of the fundamental keys in our business. We are working closely with our customers, among them the largest mobile...

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ENENSYS designs and manufactures innovative professional equipment and software enabling Efficient Video Delivery over Broadcast & Telecom Networks. The ENENSYS team is comprised of highly experienced engineers, gathering expertise across a broad technology base including hardware design, RF, signal processing, real-time software and virtualised and cloud-native applications. The company develops all the technology embedded in...

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FASMETRICS SA is a high-tech SME specialized in producing innovative radio communication systems for the mobile telecommunications industry.

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Haojin Communication Technologies

Shanghai Haojin Communication Technologies began in 2006 by combining years of experience in RF design with the need of new generation test systems. Haojin is a leader in the industry, providing test solutions, which include: Programmable Attenuator Matrix, programmable phase sifter, programmable switches, and various passive components.Our Company is headquartered in Shanghai, China. We manufacture,...

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We’ve been pioneers of network synchronisation technology for almost 70 years. Our innovative solutions assist enterprise organizations, governmental institutions and mobile network operators to overcome major challenges, whether that be meeting stringent requirements for frequency and phase synchronisation or addressing urgent footprint, power consumption and sky view limitations. Our devices support the industry to address these issues...

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SIRADEL’s wireless network & smart city planning solutions encompass a unique capability of editing accurate 3D geospatial data and Smart City Explorer series. SIRADEL’s engineering products and services enable the wireless connectivity of things and contribute to well-being of city-dwellers, worldwide. Located in France (HQ), Canada and China, with international R&D program on global connectivity and smart city planning, SIRADEL operates in more than 60 countries with wireless carriers,...

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VIAVI Solutions

VIAVI empowers Service Providers and IT organizations to manage the network lifecycle for complex 5G and Fiber networks with intuitive instruments, systems and technologies; and VIAVI’s expertise in light management and optical coatings help protect the world’s bank notes from counterfeiters, enhance the colors you see, and enable advanced technology such as 3D sensing.

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