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solutions require the right experience

As telecommunication technologies and tools continue to develop at a rapid pace, it becomes even more important to keep up and ensure you are utilising the latest and most appropriate technology.

By working with a highly experienced solutions provider who can offer tailored product solution and required services (right through from implementation to product support), you’ll be able to access and utilise the latest tools, equipment, and technologies. This includes everything you need to keep up with –and get ahead of –the competition, including 5G, 5G Stand Alone (SA)and Mobile Edge Computing (MEC).

Which Telecommunications are you seeking?


Monitoring, planning, backhaul and transmission tools & equipment

Antennas & Infrastructure

Antenna hardware and coverage solutions for multiple networks

Microwave Links

Create clear paths of communication and connectivity

Network Monitoring

Tools to help monitor different networks elements

Network Systems

Key network elements for mobile systems creation needs

QoS Monitoring & Benchmarking

Tools to help meet and exceed prime KPI’s

Test & Measurement – Telco

Monitor and test your technology

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How Magna Systems can help

Magna Systems has extensive experience and knowledge of the latest and best-performing Telecommunication solutions and managed services. We connect our clients to world-leading brands through our deep understanding of business requirements, latest technologies and product offerings, along with our strong relationships with key vendors.

By operating on a global level, we are able to collect and share more customer experiences, allowing us to better understand and meet unique business needs, identify trends and solve customer’s problems. Magna Systems is also one of the few providers bridging media entertainment and telecommunications together with a key focus on content delivery.

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