Wavecontrol is an engineering company, founded in 1997 and specialising in the measurement of electromagnetic fields. With a clearly international calling, our company has headquarters in Europe (Barcelona, Spain) and the United States (New Jersey). Our network of distributors operates in over 50 countries on five continents, and we have implemented ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 quality control systems for the ongoing improvement of processes, products and services.

Cell phone systems, broadcasting systems and other communication systems are the main sources of electromagnetic radiation in this area.
Measurements are sometimes taken under far field conditions, where use of an E (electric) field probe will be sufficient (e.g. WPF8). With low frequency transmitters, we may find ourselves in near field conditions and so the H (magnetic) field will also have to be measured (e.g. WPH60).

It is important that personnel who access telecommunication infrastructures or climb towers with radiating elements, do so with personal protective equipment such as the WaveMon personal monitor, to avoid overexposure.