Pebble is a world leader in designing and delivering automation, integrated channel and virtualised playout solutions, with scalable products designed for applications of all sizes.

Founded in 2000, Pebble has commissioned systems in more than 70 countries, with proven installations ranging from single up to over 150 channels in operation, and more than 1500 channels currently on air under the control of our automation technology. An innovative, agile company, Pebble is focused on discovering its customers’ requirements and pain points, designing solutions which will address these elegantly and efficiently, and delivering and supporting these professionally and in accordance with its users’ needs.

Discovering, Designing, Delivering : The Pebble Approach

When you engage with Pebble, they’ll work with you to discover and understand your goals and challenges. Their sales specialists and solutions architects will explore your pain points and custom requirements; look at your workflows and processes; discuss how you want your operations to evolve in the future and share Pebble’s experience of implementing solutions which meet similar requirements.

The team will then use these insights to design a comprehensive solution which takes into account your preferred ways of working, your channel and automation needs, where you want to host your technology, and how you see your system evolving in the coming years. Together with Magna, they will then present a commercial offer that fits your budgets and timescales and agree what the next steps will be.

If you choose to work with Magna and Pebble, we will mobilise our team of experts to first scope out and plan your project in close consultation with you. Our processes are closely aligned with PRINCE2 methodology, and once the project is kicked off, Pebble’s experienced, expert solutions architects and customer fulfilment engineers will give you regular progress reports in the lead up to delivery. We will work closely with your teams to ensure that the new Pebble system interfaces into your operations ready for acceptance and go-live. Your system will then be commissioned, and training given either on site or remotely. Once you’re on air, you’ll have ongoing access to Pebble’s dedicated support engineers, and regular consultations on how to optimise and evolve your system.

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