Image Engineering’s core competence is the measurement, analysis and improvement of digital image quality. Starting with digital photo products, our portfolio has continually expanded and today it includes mobile imaging, video, broadcasting, machine vision, surveillance, automotive imaging, medical imaging as well as other areas in which digital imaging plays an important role. Image Engineering’s uniqueness and strength is being able to provide a complete system from the execution of standardised tests and the development of our own test software tools to the production and worldwide marketing of high quality measuring devices and charts.

Because of the increasing significance of digital image processing in practically all scientific, economic and above all in social areas, Image Engineering is and will be the key tool kit provider for continually increasing the quality of images. This way Image Engineering plays an important role in the optimisation of the relevant communication processes.

Image Engineering’s philosophy is not only to ensure a strong technical and scientific competence, but also a distinct customer orientation, highly motivated employees who through a flat hierarchy show personal responsibility as well as a uniform marketing strategy according to the principles of a careful use of resources and sustainability.

Image Engineering is actively involved in a wide range of standardising procedures, including ISO TC42 (Photography), SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers), CPIQ (Cell Phone Image Quality), and EMVA (European Machine Vision Association).

We operate worldwide and our dealers in over 40 countries support us. Well-known manufacturers are our customers as well as magazines and they successfully test their products using our equipment.

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