Bridge Technologies creates advanced systems for ensuring high-quality, profitable digital media service delivery in broadcast, cable, satellite, OTT and telecoms applications.

Providing a sophisticated platform for converging digital media services, the company’s award-winning products and solutions include analysis, measurement, and monitoring systems, intelligent redundancy switching, and comprehensive analytics solutions for TV-Everywhere providers.

Compatible with all major industrial standards, ruggedised for reliability in challenging environments, and built for low-energy operation, Bridge Technologies systems bring greater efficiency to digital media businesses by making it simpler to manage complexity.

Bridge Technologies was founded by a team of people with solid backgrounds from the Broadcast, Telecommunications and Media industries. With deep knowledge of both the marketplace and industrial product development, Bridge Technologies products have been deployed in a large number of networks worldwide.

Our main focus is the area between the Broadcast and Telecommunications spheres. Bridge Technologies systems is acting as a facilitator between the two, giving equal access and a common paradigm of understanding media flow from two different perspectives.

The dramatic drop in cost of bandwidth, storage and processing power is changing everything in the networking space. We at Bridge Technologies are working to make these technical advances also benefit the content production in the television and video industries.

Conversely, broadband network operators see benefits in moving into the multi service offerings of Telephony, Internet, Mobility and Television. Bridge Technologies is working to make this transition as seamless as possible for Operators.

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