The Leader in Broadcast Compliance, Monitoring, and Content Re-Purposing

Intelligent Monitoring Platform:

Actus Digital’s monitoring platform is a best-of-breed solution for intelligent monitoring for any audio and video stream (broadcast, cameras, internet,…).  It includes 6 products, that can all be integrated into one platform,  each can be a standalone solution, or any mix and match.

  • Compliance logging –all that is needed for regulatory purposes (recording, SCTE and Loudness monitoring, As run/EPG integration, CC/Subtitles/Teletext, technical alerts, etc)
  • Multiviewer – Software and browser based multiviewer, penalty box, any  number of layouts, and more
  • Clip Factory PRO – Advanced editing, clipping and export to social/OTT/Catchup/VOD, with metadata, graphics and automation options
  • Actus AI for automatic metadata generation: transcription, translation, summary, face recognition, ads detection, and more
  • OTT Streamwatch – OTT monitoring and alerts
  • Remote Video Monitoring (RVM): central location for remote STB monitoring and QoE alerts

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