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Video encoders that are low latency but provide high resolution, with low bandwidth are ideal for Defence. The video encoders supplied have a small form factor, providing the high SWaP value (Size, Weight & Power) for use by dismounted troops, or for integration into air or land vehicles. In addition, the video encoders support KLV (Key-Length Value encoding) making them ideal for all ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance) related activities.

Magna Systems can partner with Defence and Government agencies, as well as leading program providers for complete solutions or deliver, ready-made tools, that exceeded the requirements with low risk.

Our partners

VITEC Video Innovations (France)

VITEC’s IP streaming solutions give ultra-low latency and security the highest clearance from the field to headquarters Today’s federal government and intelligence agencies require immediate access to video content to support their mission. Critical operations rely on live video streams, VOD content, digital signage, and emergency alerts in order to operate efficiently. FITIS Fully Integrated...

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