How can Secure
Communication solutions help?

Missions require situational awareness and data driven decisions at the speed of the mission. Secure communications are important within the FOB (Forward Operating Base) , SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility), OC (Operational Command) and C2 (Command Control) centres.

Our secure communication solutions can provide operators the ability to log onto and access the Secure Defence Network to their approved security level, providing Secure Distributed Command and Control with Video for clear and accurate situational awareness.

Removing communication silos and dependencies will allow for collaboration, continuity and resilience, resulting in real-time information exchange within the coalition.

The solution offered would allow for the set-up of registration end points, security modules, and network facilities, making it ideal for rapid deployment, on sensitive/secure managed networks.

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ADVA is a company founded on innovation and driven to help our customers succeed. Our technology is the foundation of a shared digital future and empowers networks across the globe. We’re continually developing breakthrough hardware and software that leads the networking industry and creates new business opportunities. It’s these open connectivity solutions that enable our...

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We understand Government and Defense C2 requirements. With over 4 decades of experience with advanced video and audio communications equipment, PESA is prepared to help you specify, design, and implement the best AV solution to meet your specific needs We have amassed a history of service – providing high quality, mission critical routing and control systems...

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