Local support and capability for the
safeguard of our personnel

Government and Defence agencies are at a higher risk of adverse events in comparison to other industries. To optimise the safety and security of operations robust and high-quality solutions are required.

The Government has tasked industry for providing sovereign capability to ensure our Defence agencies are supplied and supported with resources they need to ensure that they are immediately operational at any time. Innovative local solutions are needed to meet or exceed capabilities of the adversary to ensure a safe and effective solution is achieved.

To meet this requirement Magna Systems is partnering with leading local and international technology companies to ensure our best capability is provided.

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High-resolution, low-bandwidth low latency, small form factor encoders

Secure Communications

Secure distributed C2 with video on controlled SDN


Connect all devices on a SDN with secure data solutions

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How Magna Systems can help

Magna Systems can support the specific needs of both Government and Defence agencies by providing access to local providers and experts. We offer low risk, competitive solutions, as well as providing Australian expertise, technical support and capability.

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