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Reducing costs through improved efficiency is something nearly every organisation seeks. But without the right technology, it can be almost impossible.

Sourcing the right Media and Entertainment Technology is vital if you want to simplify your workflows and improve the products and quality you offer your customers.

Connecting with the right suppliers offering the right solutions can help you:

  • Improve workflows

  • Achieve greater efficiency

  • Facilitate the latest technology

I need…


Access the latest content creation and production trends and technologies


Implement advanced, high-quality communication systems

Media Asset Management

Manage your media assets efficiently with improved workflow


Quality rendering Graphics for Broadcast applications


Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Contribution & Distribution

Secure and reliable acquisition and distribution of quality video content

Media Infrastructure & Processing

Seamless control and integration of new IP and legacy baseband hardware

Monitoring & Control

Monitor multiple signal types and formats on one system

Newsroom Solutions

Control, structure and schedule large volumes of information


Virtual or cloud-based management of all channel creation needs

Remote Production

Tools and infrastructure for remote and centralised production workflows

Storage & Archive Solutions

Improve efficiencies through the production chain to archive

Test & Measurement – Media

The latest in IP test and measurement and IP stream analysis

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Magna Systems has extensive experience and knowledge of the latest and best-performing Media & Entertainment solutions, and have been assisting customers in achieving wonderful results since 1969.

At Magna Systems, we partner with globally recognised manufacturers with the latest bleeding edge technologies to ensure you only get the best and most suitable option.

We can provide you with the best-of-breed solutions that will help you achieve your desired outcome – whether that’s a technology upgrade or new installation.

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