Magna Systems & Engineering entered the telecommunications market as a Managed Service Provider of microwave equipment. Today we supply almost all of Australia’s largest Telco’s microwave requirements and have never missed an SLA KPI with them. Our equipment is used to backhaul mobile telephony traffic from base stations into a telco’s core network (we also supply them with some intercity microwave trunks) and we also supply the same microwave solution to some of Australia’s other large telcos.

Broadband, wireless, cloud, digitisation and digital marketing are the biggest opportunities for our telco customers, according to Gardner and the US National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO). Magna’s biggest telco opportunities are grounded in helping our telco customers address such opportunities better. Our experience goes back to video transmission from remote locations by means of microwave technology or analogue cable.  As technology advanced through optical disks in the late 70’s, Magna supplied the technology for moving video over the Internet.

Further advances in compression technology enabled Magna to deliver exponential benefits to our customers. Today’s landscape combines smart mobile devices with video on demand and a trend towards smaller wireless cells. Distributed radio technology with centralised baseband units, remote radio heads and beamforming technology are becoming the architecture of the future.

Magna’s standing in delivering low latency, high bandwidth applications through ever changing technology remains our biggest strength. The respect and trust we earned from our customers is our biggest opportunity moving forward. We’ll continue to do what we’ve always done well, which is getting our customers ahead of the innovations curve through our experience with new technologies and their deployment in “five nines” availability/reliability (i.e. 99.999%).

Magna delivers high SLA achievement, providing a first class utility commitment to telcos in Asia Pacific. The convergence of telco, digital media and broadcasting positions Magna as a long-standing, trusted adviser for digital or hybrid applications across telco networks. Our engagement with telco customers becomes broader, beyond their networking/operations functions and increasingly involves a telco’s marketing, strategy and C-Level functions. Magna’s key priority is therefore a broader telco engagement, delivering a business solution as a managed service.

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